Wings of Mercy East Michigan

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Wings of Mercy East Michigan is an ALL VOLUNTEER charity and is supported entirely by charitable donations. 

Any donations, however large or small, will be gratefully accepted!

If your company maintains an "Adopt A Charity" type of policy, please consider "adopting" Wings of Mercy East Michigan!

For a representative listing of our corporate partners, please click here.

Sponsor a Mission

With a contribution of $500.00 or more, individuals or organizations can sponsor an individual mission. The Sponsor(s) will receive details of the sponsored mission.  To respect the privacy of our recipients, however, personal information will remain confidential.


Gifts in Memory Gifts in Honor General Donations
Did one of our missions benefit
a loved one of yours?
Why not help help us
make a difference
in someone else's life.
Is someone you love
in need of our services?
You can make sure
your contribution
goes to help them.
Do you believe that we make a big difference in the lives of people
right here in eastern Michigan?
Help us be there for those that need us.


How to Contribute

Contributions to WINGS of MERCY EAST MICHIGAN, Inc. may be mailed to:

Wings of Mercy East Michigan, Inc.

P.O. Box
Bay City
, MI  48707

Credit Card Donations via PayPal Logo

We now accept credit card donations via PayPal.

Send your PayPal payment to:, or simply click the Donate button below.

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If you wish to make a credit card donation outside of PayPal:

Click here to Open Credit Card Donation Form  (PDF Format)  

Please Follow Directions on the Form to E-mail, Fax or Print the Form.

Wings Endowment through Bay Area Community Foundation

Donate to Wings of Mercy East Michigan through the Bay Area Community Foundation fund.

Insert "Wings of Mercy East Michigan" from the drop-down menu. 

Your Contributions are Tax Deductible 

Wings of Mercy East Michigan is a IRS recognized 501(c)(3) non profit organization. Therefore, your contributions are fully tax deductible (please consult your tax advisor for your specific situation).

Questions or Problems?

Please CALL 989-225-2103
(Office of the Secretary, Wings of Mercy, East Michigan)

Wings of Mercy Wish List

There are items that our organization could really put to good use. Some of our wish list items include:

  • Aircraft quality stretcher
  • Computer-operated projector for PowerPoint presentations
  • Used laptop computer for PowerPoint presentations
  • Television with attached VCR for Wings of Mercy service club presentations

Can you help with any of these items? If so, please contact Cody Welch at (800) 982-7207, or email Cody.