Wings of Mercy East Michigan

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Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are some of the frequent questions we are asked. If your question is not addressed here, please contact us.

Q: I am a doctor who has a patient that is in need of transportation to a specialist. How can I refer my patient to you?
A: Please direct your patient to our Patients page for more information on applying. Once they contact our Screening Coordinator, we will forward to the patient forms that must be completed and submitted to determine need. There is a Doctor's Certification form that also must be completed by the patient's physician. This form will be sent to the patient by our Screening Coordinator. If you have additional questions about this process or the certification form, you may contact our Screening Coordinator directly via phone at (866) 32-MERCY [(866) 326-3729], or via email.

Q:  I am a family member/friend of a patient. How can I help them get the necessary transportation they need?
A. If your family member/friend, in the determination of our Screening Coordinator, is approved to receive our services, you can donate specifically to support their mission(s), or even sponsor individual missions for them. For more information, please visit our Donate page.